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    Files have been tested on computers, tablets, smart TVs and hard copy print out. You are all "beta testers" :-) Send bug reports to donttakethatmark AT gmail DOT com (please translate that email address into proper format :-) It was written that way to avoid the robots.These online resources are intended as an exhortation. Go back to the pure word of God for spiritual understanding. With that in mind, every attempt has been made not to impose anything on the text but to present the text in a way that the reader(s) will simply hear what the Bible is saying especially where passages are "singing the same tune" so to speak. Pray for the Holy Spirit's guidance, compare scripture with scripture and draw your own conclusions.

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Introduction to the
day of the LORD.

Day of the LORD chart - a brief summary.
   The day of the LORD (Yahweh) is one of the key biblical themes for understanding the end times puzzle. All hopes and fears of mankind will converge on this event. All of Bible prophesy lead up to and away from this event.
 Tribulation then Rescue then Wrath
Part ONE
   How did "The 12" understand His coming again? As Jesus said, "Just as in the days of Noah..." Parallel types and shadows from one end of the Bible to the other faithfully  illustrate matching patterns and order of events - it's God's poetry but it goes beyond poetry. Tribulation then Rescue then Wrath Part ONE .pdf
 Tribulation then Rescue then Wrath  
Part 2
   Parallel testimonies of Jesus Christ (Olivet Discourse) and the Apostle Paul (1 & 2 Thessalonians) that show the same matching patterns and order of events as in Part ONE. Tribulation then Rescue then Wrath Part 2 .pdf
Tribulation then Rescue then Wrath
Part 3
   Harmony of the book of Revelation and the Synoptic Gospels from Seals to Trumpets. This study offers an overall sense of the events surrounding the opening of the seals with a continuing focus on the pattern of tribulation, then rescue (rapture), then wrath.  For deeper understanding of Revelation, always pray for light from the Holy Spirit and compare Revelation with the Old Testament prophets especially the book of Daniel as Pastor David Nathan recommends in his Youtube series on eschatology.
Tribulation then Rescue then Wrath Part 3 .pdf